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We can help you get 8-12 weeks to move or a second chance to help you keep your apartment, house, business. Open 7 days/week, 24/hrs, including holidays. Serving all states. List of Documents that we Specialize in:
  • Answer to unlawful detainer, Demur, Prejudgement Claim Of Right To Possession, Claim Of Right To possession, Stay Of Execution; and Motions TO Vacate and set aside Default and Quash Writ.
  • California has the best laws when it comes to stopping evictions. All California tenants and residents call now!
  • All Government shut down employees call us for help!
  • All people receiving unemployment checks and they have been stop or ran out of funds call us.
  • All Veterans call us for help.
  • All new government health care law programs -“Obama Care”. People call us if you need help with your rent or eviction.

Need Help Avoiding an Eviction?

(888) 877-2391 or (510) 459-3779

We Are #1 In the World, Period! With Over 25,000 Evictions Stopped.


Be on the lookout for imposter companies using similar names. Our company name is “The Eviction Stoppers”, this is our Official and Only site, And the Only two phone numbers our company uses are; (888) 877-2391 and (510) 459-3779. Email Address is the_evictionstoppers@yahoo.com